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Following AAT review of ASQA's decision to amend the RTO's scope of registration, the RTO agreed to the imposition of the following conditions on its registration under s 29 of the NVR Act:

  1. the applicant must ensure that documented training and assessment strategies specify the approach to meeting the specific requirements of different student cohorts, including:
    • students currently working in child care centres;
    • students with child care experience but not currently working in child care;
    • students with no child care experience and no current child care employment;
  2. the applicant must revise/develop a suite of documents and resources to establish and manage arrangements for training delivery and assessment at child care workplaces that includes:
    • clarifying/specifying employment status of students, undertaking training at the workplace;
    • identifying and specifying the roles of workplace personnel that will be involved in training and assessment activities;
    • identifying and specifying the facilities and resources required at workplace;
    • specifying training and assessment activities at the workplace including estimated hours, sequence, and timetable;
  3. develop a procedure manual describing how agreements for workplace training and delivery will be established and managed on an ongoing basis;
  4. documentation arising from conditions a.i. and b. must be provided to ASQA within 20 days (by 19 August 2020).
  5. documentation arising from conditions a.ii. and a.iii. must be provided to ASQA prior to enrolment of the specified student cohort; and
  6. documentation arising from condition c. must be retained by the applicant for the duration of its registration.
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