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Following reconsideration, ASQA decided to vary the decision to the following:

Impose, under the NVR Act s 29(1) the following conditions on the organisation’s registration, for the period of registration as a NVR RTO effective 12/05/2020:

  • the organisation must retain copies of student files for the relevant VET course, including copies of:
    1. marked assessment records (including documents which informed a determination of competence)
    2. master assessment tools
    3. learner and trainer guides
    4. training and assessment strategies
    5. pre-enrolment forms (including any document which informed whether the student’s English language proficiency, educational qualifications, or work experience is sufficient to enable a learner to enrol in a course)
    6. any evidence of student intervention and support in accordance with student support policy, and
    7. student progress results across all units in all courses
  • the organisation must review its assessment system against clause 1.8 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 (the Standards), and conduct systematic validation of all training products on its scope of registration in accordance with the requirements of clauses 1.9 and 1.11 of the Standards. The validation must sample of a minimum of ten completed student assessment files, or all completed student assessment files if there are less students, for each training product on its scope of registration. A report must be produced of the validation findings for each student file sampled, including primary evidence of any gap training or reassessment conducted, refunds provided, qualifications cancelled, and evidence of the outcome of any recommendations made, and persons responsible for implementing such recommendations/outcomes, as a result of the validation activity.
  • the organisation must monitor attendance, and retain records, for all VET courses delivered.
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