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Following AAT review of ASQA's cancellation decision, the following conditions are imposed  on the Applicant’s registration under s 29(1) of the NVR Act:

  1. the RTO must retain, and provide to ASQA within 14 days on request, copies of completed student assessment records for a period of eighteen (18) months from the date of completion.
  2. The RTO must not apply to add any new VET courses to its scope, until to the completion of a compliance monitoring audit conducted by ASQA.
  3. On or before 1 September 2020, the RTO must complete a validation process of 20% of the units of competency from each VET course on scope except suspended courses, pursuant to clauses 1.9-1.11 of the Standards.
    As part of the validation process, the Applicant must engage two (2) suitably qualified and independent validators* to review a sample of three (3) completed student assessment files from four (4) units of competency in each qualification where delivery occurred since 1 September 2019, to assess compliance with clause 1.8 of the Standards.
    *Independent Validator means a person who is not employed or subcontracted by the RTO to provide training and assessment; and otherwise has no involvement or interest in the operations of the RTO, but for the validation process.
    A validation report must be prepared, and presented to ASQA on request, setting out the findings from the validation process, including any recommendations made and action taken as a result of such recommendations. Primary evidence of all documents referred to the validation report must also be retained, and present to ASQA on request.
  4. On or before 1 June 2020, the RTO must engage a suitably qualified external consultant on an ongoing basis to review the RTO’s internal and external governance, management, systems and procedures to ensure the RTO, and any third party engaged in services which contribute to the RTO’s operations, operate in a manner which complies with the Standards, pursuant to clauses 2, 7 and 8.
    This review must be completed by 1 October 2020, by which time a report must be prepared with the assistance of the external consultant and presented to ASQA on request. The report must set out any recommendations, and actions taken as a result of such recommendations, including primary evidence of all documents referred to in the report.
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