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Application outcome

Once you have submitted your application for CRICOS and/or ELICOS registration, we review your application to make sure you can comply with:

How we process CRICOS applications

Completeness check

After submitting your application, we conduct a completeness check to ensure you have:

  • submitted all required application and evidence documents
  • completed all documents correctly
  • paid all applicable fees and charges.

Risk assessment

If you have submitted all required documents, we will then conduct a risk assessment of your organisation. This includes examining your Financial viability risk assessment tool and Fit and proper person requirements declaration.

Applications may be rejected at this stage if they do not meet our risk assessment requirements.

If your application passes the risk assessment stage, you will be issued with an invoice for the initial application assessment fee. Your application will not progress to the registration audit until this fee is paid in full.

Registration performance assessment (audit)

The registration performance assessment will assess whether your organisation:

  • is compliant with the National Code (and ELICOS Standards, if relevant)
  • whether you have adequate systems in place to deliver high-quality training and education
  • has presented complete and factual evidence in its application.

The registration performance assessment begins with an assessment of available information and evidence about your organisation—we may contact you for further evidence or clarification.

We then undertake validation, which aims to confirm the evidence provided to us and that your assessment systems can consistently produce valid assessment judgements. This portion of the application process may require a visit to your delivery site by ASQA assessors.

Please note that this performance assessment process for initial registration does not include an opportunity to correct or re-submit evidence if non-compliance is found.

CRICOS application outcomes

Applications for initial VET registration are usually finalised within six months of ASQA receiving a complete and full compliant application. See ASQA's Service Standards for more information.

If we approve your application

If your application is successful, we may decide to:

  • approve your application in full
  • approve some parts of your application, but not others
  • approve your application with some conditions.

We will tell you our decision in writing, explaining the reasons for the decision if approval is not in full. Once you have paid all applicable fees and charges, we will finalise your CRICOS registration.

If you are an existing RTO, we will try to align your initial period of CRICOS registration to the expiry date of your RTO registration.

If you are not an existing RTO, we will usually grant an initial CRICOS registration period of two years.

If we reject your application

If we reject your application, we will notify you in writing with the reasons for this decision.

If you disagree with our decision

You have a number of options if you disagree with the outcome of your application.

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