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Monitor a course

The Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2021 layout the legal obligations of course owners.

Accredited course owners must:

  • maintain data recorded on the national register
  • monitor and evaluate their VET accredited course.

This ensures that the course remains current, relevant and complies with legislative requirements.

Why monitor and evaluate accredited courses?

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of an accredited course:

  • provides assurance of the course's currency and relevancy in the market place
  • grants opportunities for continuous improvement
  • encourages engaged employers to become champions of the course
  • ensures the structure and delivery of the course meets the needs of learners
  • maintains compliance with accreditation requirements.

Course owner responsibilities

Course owners must provide information to ASQA about ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities of the VET accredited course.

Data collected and analysed must be relevant and sufficient to check the ongoing currency and relevance of the course and any amendments that may be required. You must plan:

  • where you will collect the data from
  • how you will collect the data
  • the form the data will take
  • how often you will collect the data
  • how you will collate, analyse and use the data.

RTOs delivering or assessing an accredited course provide significant feedback about the satisfaction of learners with the product and the extent to which it meets their needs.

RTOs may also be a valuable source of feedback from industry and individual employers on the currency and relevance of the course.

RTOs must collect this type of information to comply with the continuous improvement aspects of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

ASQA’s responsibilities

ASQA will review the information provided from course owners about ongoing monitoring activities undertaken. The feedback received contributes evidence to support the course being allowed to continue as nationally recognised training.

Alternatively, the feedback received will be used in ASQA’s decision-making process about other regulatory activity that may be required; for example, amending a VET accredited course.

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