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Stage 2—Course development

You must develop your accredited course using the Accredited course document template (DOC).

The accredited course document template provides the basis for training and assessment by RTOs that will deliver the course.

The document also demonstrates that the course complies with the:

Volume of learning

For information on volume of learning, please see our Integrating volume of learning in a course page.

Consult with stakeholders

During course development, it is essential that you consult with the key stakeholders identified in the VET course concept, and other relevant stakeholders with an interest in your course. This consultation is essential to ensure validation of course details, including that the:

  • intended skills and knowledge outcomes can be achieved by demonstrating competence in the units of competency
  • course structure and pathways provide the desired outcome
  • the assessment strategy outlined in Section B:6.1 of the course document is appropriate.

Prior to submitting the application for ASQA’s consideration, you must consult with the relevant Skills Service Organisation (SSO) or Industry Reference Council (IRC) for any courses that fall within an area of coverage by of these organisations.

You must submit evidence to demonstrate this consultation has occurred with your course accreditation application. The following documents are available to assist with this process:

Research endorsed training package units

A VET accredited course will not receive accreditation if it duplicates existing training package content. You are required to investigate which endorsed units may be suitable for inclusion in your course. The content of all endorsed training package units is available on

Enterprise units

If you are unable to find a training package unit of competency that covers a necessary area, you may develop enterprise units. You must develop enterprise units in collaboration with technical experts and practitioners, and follow the requirements of the Standards for Training Packages.

If a course contains enterprise units that address the same outcomes as existing training package units, it will not be accredited.

You can find out more about researching endorsed training package units, including a case study, in the VAC 6.1 section of our Users’ guide to Standards for VET Accredited Courses. You can read about developing enterprise units in the VAC 7.2 section.

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