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Stage 1—VET course concept

Before you begin detailed work on your course accreditation application, you must submit a VET course concept to ASQA.

This course concept document demonstrates that you have:

  • identified and consulted with key stakeholders
  • established industry, enterprise, education, legislative or community need for the development of the course.

Once completed, email this document and any required attachments to

You must submit separate VET course concept forms for each course concept.

VET course concept requirements

Your VET course concept document must:

  • provide enough evidence to establish the need for ASQA to consider your course
  • include proof of preliminary research conducted, to determine the need for the proposed course to be nationally recognised
  • provide information on the intended target group for the course and projected enrolment data
  • contain details of stakeholders approached about involvement in the course development.

Considerations when creating a VET course concept

The evidence of stakeholder engagement you gather is critical and will contribute to establishing support for the development of your course. We may contact key stakeholders during the evaluation process for more information on your VET course concept.

During the development phase of your course, we recommend that you engage the services of a person with skills and knowledge in developing courses for accreditation and delivery in the VET sector.

You must provide evidence that there is a genuine need for your course not already met by a current training package outcome.

If your proposed course duplicates existing training package outcomes, it will not receive accreditation.

You must submit a separate VET course concept form to ASQA for each individual course concept.

Feedback on course concept

Following evaluation of the VET course concept, ASQA will provide you with written feedback. This feedback will tell you whether the course concept is eligible to proceed to course development. 

This feedback is usually issued within 20 working days of ASQA receiving a VET course concept.

We will notify you if your VET course concept meets eligibility requirements to proceed to course development. You will have 6 months from the issuing date of the written notification to engage with key stakeholders and develop the course. Key stakeholders include Industry Reference Committees and Skills Service Organisations.

If your VET course concept requires further information, you will need to provide this to ASQA to proceed with your application. You will have 20 days to provide us with the requested information.

Please note, we may reject your application if:

  • the requested information is not received within a specified time, or
  • your VET course concept does not meet eligibility requirements.

Assessment overview—VET course concept

Course accreditation VET course concept process
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