Reporting and accountability

As a statutory agency, we must meet specific government accountability requirements. The publications available in this section show how we operate as an open and transparent agency:

In this section, you will also find a range of our day-to-day operational documents.

Results of our provider and stakeholder surveys can be found on our Surveys page.

Reporting requirements

We report on our performance through an annual report to the COAG Industry and Skills Council (CISC) and Australian Parliament.

Our work is also examined by the Australian Parliament at Senate Estimates committee hearings three times each year.

Risk Management Policy Statement

ASQA’s Risk Management Framework is a key component of our transformational journey, in line with the International Standard on Risk, ISO 3100:2018. ASQA’s capacity to manage risk effectively and efficiently is critical in achieving the Australian Government’s shared vision for Australia’s future growth and prosperity, and the role the VET sector will play in the nation’s economic recovery in the wake of COVID-19.

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