Regulatory strategy

ASQA’s Regulatory Strategy outlines our regulatory priorities for the next two years. The strategy is renewed each year, ensuring we are responding to the most current issues in the sector.

In determining our regulatory priorities, we use an evidence-based approach to identify the areas posing the greatest risk to Australia’s VET sector. This includes using our own regulatory data, undertaking environmental scanning, engaging with state and territory governments and a range of stakeholder groups.

ASQA’s 2020-22 regulatory priorities have been developed taking into account ASQA’s implementation of regulatory reform in line with the recommendations of its Rapid Review and the disruption for providers, students and employers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent bushfires.

A shared responsibility in supporting the quality of training is more important than ever. Over 2020-22, we will continue to work with the sector to support providers to maintain quality training.

 This work will build on the guidance we continue to offer providers that transitioned significant amounts of their training to some form of distance learning, including online learning, in response to COVID-19.

You can see the guidance we provided to assist in this transition on our distance learning page.

This breadth and scale of the transition to online learning in response to COVID-19 presents an opportunity to understand in more detail, the opportunities and risks associated with online learning, and to proactively inform our regulation of online learning, including our education and guidance, in the future.

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