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About student records

If you need a copy of your student record from a withdrawn, cancelled, or non-current registered training organisation (RTO), Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) may hold a copy of your student records. We will only provide what is submitted by an RTO upon closing.

If your RTO is still current, you must contact them directly.

Some state and territory training regulators operating before ASQA's was established in July 2011 did not collect records from closed training providers, therefore, we may not hold a copy a copy your student records.

The records we hold are limited to the following data provided by the RTO upon closure:

  • personal information for identification purposes
  • outcomes or status of student's results per unit of competency.

We do not hold, and therefore cannot provide, the records listed below:

  • financial records
  • incomplete student assessment information
  • assessments, coursework or workplace logbooks.


We are committed to protecting information collected through this process and the handling of data in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. All information we collect from you will be kept secure  and confidential. Your enquiry is covered by ASQA's privacy policy.

All requests for student records must be signed by the student. We are unable to process requests for student records made by person(s) other than the student.


There is no fee associated with the return of your records. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.