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Complying with legislation

All RTOs must comply with relevant Commonwealth, state or territory legislation and regulatory requirements.

You must inform your staff and clients of legislative and regulatory requirements that affect their duties or participation in vocational education and training.

For more information, see Clauses 8.5 and 8.6 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

VET Quality Framework

All RTOs must be prepared to comply with the legislative components of the VET Quality Framework:

Maintain scope of registration

The Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 RTOs to manage their scope of registration and ensure:

  • the transition of superseded training products within 12 months of their publication on the National Register
  • where an AQF qualification is no longer current and has not been superseded, all training and assessment is completed within two years from the date it was removed or deleted from the National Register
  • where a skill set, unit of competency, accredited short course or module is no longer current and has not been superseded, all learners’ training and assessment is completed and the relevant AQF certification documentation issued within a period of one year from the date the skill set, unit of competency, accredited short course or module was removed or deleted from the National Register.

Statutory Education Licence

A Statutory Education Licence allows RTOs to use a wide variety of copyrighted material for teaching purposes.

Education institutions may copy and communicate third-party content, as long as they follow the requirements of their Statutory Education Licence. The Statutory Education Licence is part of provisions under Division 4 of Part IVA of the Copyright Act 1968.

The Copyright Agency Ltd. and Screenrights administer Statutory Licences under the authority of the Attorney General’s Department. Without a Statutory Education Licence, an educational institution is generally not allowed to reproduce or communicate third-party material. In this case, unless a direct licence or subscription is in place, permission would need to be sought from the creator of a work.

To request a licence, you will need to contact the relevant organisation:

Content Agency and contact details
Text and images (e.g. to copy and communicate extracts from books, newspapers, journals and websites)

Copyright Agency Ltd
P: (02) 9394 7644

Third-party television and radio broadcasts

P: (02) 9904 0133

Recorded music

P: 1300 852 388

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