ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group Communiqué (November 2020)

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The ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) held its third meeting on 23 November via national videoconference.

ASQA regulatory activity

The SLG noted the following updates:

Planning for the resumption of COVID-safe site visits

Informed by state and territory health advice, ASQA is undertaking COVID-safe planning for the resumption of site visits.

Regulatory risk approach

ASQA responds to risk at both a systemic and provider level. Members were provided with an overview of the factors that determine whether applications and other matters are referred for further regulatory scrutiny. ASQA determines its systemic risk priorities with stakeholder input on an annual basis and publishes these in the ASQA Regulatory Strategy and ASQA Corporate Plan.

Working together for better regulation – ASQA’s brand refresh

The implementation of ASQA’s brand refresh has commenced, to help clarify and articulate ASQA’s core purpose and values as recommended in the ASQA Rapid Review. The brand refresh also highlights that quality VET outcomes are a shared responsibility of ASQA and the sector. Members were advised that the external rollout of the brand refresh will occur iteratively into 2021.

Sector consultation

The SLG noted the following updates:

Draft ASQA Compliance Policy

ASQA is releasing its draft Compliance Policy for public consultation.

The draft policy makes a clearer distinction between the functions of performance assessment (audit) and compliance management, and proposes the introduction of a new regulatory tool, called an ‘undertaking to remedy’. The policy also embeds the provision of education and guidance as core to ASQA’s regulatory role.

Members agreed to convene the SLG Subgroup on performance assessment practices to examine the draft policy and submit feedback for ASQA’s consideration alongside the process of broader sector feedback.

Provider self-assurance

The draft ASQA Compliance Policy also emphasises the role of provider self-assurance in supporting continuous improvement and sustained compliance. The SLG discussed the first phase of ASQA’s consultations with the sector on self-assurance, including a summary of feedback, a facilitated workshop with the SLG Subgroup on self-assurance, and discussions with provider peak bodies.

ASQA Regulatory Strategy 2020–22

The SLG discussed two projects pertaining to ASQA’s Regulatory Strategy 2020–22.

The SLG subgroup on online learning will soon be convening to provide support to ASQA’s strategic review of online learning in the VET sector, which seeks to understand the opportunities and risks associated with online learning in the sector. The review will also ensure that ASQA’s regulatory approach is effective in responding to this changing environment.

A subgroup of the SLG will also be established to support ASQA’s scoping study on VET in Schools (VETiS), which will analyse the risks associated with VETiS and consider recommendations to further support the quality of VETiS and improve outcomes for secondary school students.

ASQA’s education and guidance program

ASQA’s education and guidance program is a recurring item for discussion at SLG meetings, in line with the SLG’s purpose.

Members gave in-principle support to participating in ASQA’s internal and external education and guidance programs. Externally, ASQA’s education and guidance focuses on supporting provider capability, continuous improvement and the sector’s shared responsibility for training quality. Internally, ASQA’s approach is to provide staff with access to expertise and information that will help to give broader context to their roles and responsibilities, and the role of ASQA.

Members discussed recent initiatives such as a new practical training and assessment page on ASQA’s website, which features information, top tips and videos on workplace training, assessment and simulations.

Members also noted the growth in provider attendance at ASQA webinars. These webinars aim to highlight examples derived from real-world experience, to help support practical application by providers.

Next meeting

The next SLG meeting will be held on 16 March 2021.

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