Request for consideration of an extended transition period of a training product

About this form

This form is to be used by organisations – registered training organisations (RTOs), skilled service organisations, state/territory training authorities, or other industry associations — seeking to request the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), as the national VET regulator (NVR), consider an extended transition period of a training product.

ASQA will only consider applications for a longer transition period where it can be demonstrated that there would be genuine disadvantage to a cohort of learners or industry if such an extension was not approved.

There are three sections to this application form:

  • Section 1—Applicant details
  • Section 2—Training product and cohort details
  • Section 3—Declaration

Application fee

There is no fee to apply for ASQA’s consideration of an extended transition period.

Submitting the application

This application will be submitted by email to

Assistance in completing this form

For assistance in completing this form, please contact ASQA by email at

Applicant details (mandatory)

Details of the requesting organisation

Training Product and cohort details

Training Product details

Student cohort details (if applicable)

Transition arrangements

RTOs affected

Details regarding genuine disadvantage to learners

Evidence of support

To support the request, please email to evidence of engagement with the relevant organisations:

  • the nominated Skills Service Organisation for the training package (required)
  • State or Territory Training Authorities (where apprentices/trainees or funding is involved)
  • State or Territory Education Departments (where school students are affected)
  • Industry Associations
  • Industry Regulators (where a licensed training product is affected)

The request wont be considered until the required evidence is supplied.

Declaration by chief executive of requesting organisation

I certify that all information provided in this form is complete, true and correct and that relevant supporting documentation is attached.

Chief executive

Please note that you may be contacted for further information, clarification or evidence if the request is deemed to be incomplete.
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