ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group Communiqué (June 2023)

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In response to recommendations made at the October 2022 meeting, several focus groups were established to maximise the input, valued experience and insights of members, and to ensure SLG engagement is purposeful and focussed. Members self-nominated for groups where their expertise matched an area of risk identified by our 2022-2023 Regulatory Risk Priorities.

Seven formal meetings were held, together with several informal engagement activities, with members working with ASQA to co-design risk treatment strategies, test specific educative tools, processes and resources, and provide VET industry insights to inform our regulatory approach.

Priorities and key focus areas

Focus groups provided valuable input to inform ASQA’s approach to treating Regulatory Risk Priority areas, specifically:

  • Online learning 
  • Trainer assessor capability and qualifications
  • International delivery
  • Aged care and disability support training
  • VET in schools (VETis)

Engagement and education

SLG members also provided input, advice, and feedback on ASQA’s approach to:

  • RTOs working with consultants
  • Indigenous VET participation
  • Post-regulatory activity surveys

The high value of SLG engagement is evidenced by positive sector response to the SLG-informed processes and educative material ASQA has released since establishing the risk-aligned focus groups.

ASQA Update

A key component of our approach to risk is our Environmental Scan (the scan), which enables us to determine annual risk priorities and the focus of our regulatory attention for the year ahead. The results of the most recent scan will set our Regulatory Risk Priorities for 2023-2024. 

SLG sub-groups will be re-formed in the new financial year to align with the eight 2023-2024 Regulatory Risk Priorities and will continue to provide insight and advice to ensure ASQA’s education and regulatory approach meets sector expectations.

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