ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group Communiqué (December 2023)

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Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) Annual Face to Face Meeting

On 30 November 2023, we held a very productive face to face meeting with our SLG. The day was filled with insightful conversations where members shared their concerns about the main risks to quality and integrity in the VET sector. It was great to learn about members' diverse experiences in the industry and hear their invaluable feedback on key topics of education which are needed to support providers in achieving compliance.

The SLG play a vital role in improving our interactions with providers by strengthening its education and communications approach. Members have co-created educational content, tested digital innovations and engaged in multiple sub-group meetings focusing on our risk priorities and guidance material to support providers to improve on the quality of VET delivered.

Some of the key achievements of this important collaboration between industry representatives and the national regulator include:

  • co-creation of educational content 
  • testing digital innovations in our agency
  • development of treatment strategies for our risk priorities in multiple sub-group meetings
  • targeted engagement on performance assessment procedures and methodologies
  • engagement with ASQA staff at key VET industry events

The meeting was future oriented, where we co-designed with SLG a forward plan of educative material for our new publication, ASQA IQ, including additional information on:

  • Work placement
  • The revised Standards for registered training organisations
  • Fit and proper persons declaration changes
  • Academic cheating
  • The use of third parties in the sector

Discussions also focussed on how we communicate with the sector and what effective engagement looks like. A key outcome is the need for ASQA to ensure that guidance is timely, accessible, written in plain English and is available in various modes – web content, videos (YouTube), webinars, printable and promoted through news articles, social media and ASQA newsletters.

We look forward to collaborating with the SLG members in the new year to create practical guidance material that ensures our regulatory approach is transparent, proportionate and effective.

Thank you to all members and attendees for your shared passion for improving the VET sector and your continued commitment to ensuring quality training outcomes for students.

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