ASQA Provider Roundtable Terms of Reference

Date published

Original Terms of Reference, 2021


The purpose of the ASQA Provider Roundtable is to engage and consult with the peak VET and English language provider associations on matters of strategic importance, and to discuss and seek feedback on the impact of ASQA’s regulatory approach and future activity.


As the national VET Regulator, ASQA’s purpose is to ensure quality vocational education and training and English language education so that students, employers, the community and governments can have confidence in the integrity of national qualifications issued by providers.

ASQA’s strategic objective is to achieve its purpose over the next four years through its regulation and partnership with others. ASQA recognises that the membership-based peak provider associations play a crucial role in meeting this strategic objective by providing feedback on ASQA’s regulatory strategy and approach and working collaboratively to protect the quality of the VET and English language sectors.

The Provider Roundtable is instrumental to one of ASQA’s strategic deliverables: As the national regulator, we engage and partner with stakeholders constructively and with mutual respect. ASQA is committed to these values underpinning its engagement through the Provider Roundtable.

Provider Roundtable members are committed to working collaboratively in recognition of our shared responsibility for the quality of VET and English language education. The Provider Roundtable provides an opportunity for members to engage with ASQA on its regulatory approach and the impact of its activities.

Based on the principle of our shared responsibility for the reputation and quality of the VET sector, key goals under the Terms of Reference are:

  • the development of collaborative strategies that support quality VET outcomes and improved approaches to regulation
  • the provision of continuous feedback on the implementation of reform strategies
  • enhanced confidence and trust in the work of the national VET regulator, and
  • recognition of quality outcomes and strengthened provider self-assurance and continuous improvement.


The objective of the Provider Roundtable is to provide a forum for constructive engagement and collaboration through which the members:

  • Support providers to meet standards through an enhanced focus on self-assurance and continuous improvement through a regulatory approach that prioritises greater education and guidance support.
  • Contribute to broader reforms by developing a shared understanding of ’quality outcomes’, and how these should be reflected in provider performance as assessed by ASQA.
  • Engage on regulatory approaches that support self-assurance, the proportionate application of regulatory action where non-compliance is identified, and provider confidence in ASQA’s assessment process and outcomes.
  • Discuss key risks to the quality of VET outcomes to inform timely and effective responses.
  • Build a common understanding of ASQA’s role and regulatory approach, what stakeholders can and cannot expect of ASQA and areas of shared stakeholder responsibility.
  • Identify opportunities to improve regulation in a way that does not diminish the intended outcomes expected of ASQA’s regulatory activity.
  • Provide feedback to ASQA on the performance of its operations, the feedback from providers and the opportunities to build confidence in ASQA’s work.
  • Engage on strategies to ensure meaningful reporting on provider performance, and enhance the information ASQA publishes in respect of regulatory decisions to improve the transparency of decision-making.
  • Engage on matters relating to risk-based and routine monitoring, to support public confidence in the regulation of the sector.


The Provider Roundtable is chaired by the CEO of ASQA and is comprised of senior representatives from:

  • Adult Learning Australia
  • Community Colleges Australia
  • English Australia
  • Enterprise Registered Training Organisation Association
  • Independent Higher Education Australia
  • Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia
  • TAFE Directors Australia
  • Australian Skills Quality Authority.


Scheduled meetings

  • The Provider Roundtable meets formally three times a year with meetings set well in advance
  • Four weeks ahead of each meeting, members are invited to submit meeting agenda items (some of which may be handled bilaterally out-of-session as appropriate)
  • ASQA commits to providing an ASQA Regulatory Report in support of a standing agenda item

Out-of-session activities

Additional meetings may be scheduled as required

  • Information may also circulated by the secretariat out-of-session and members can request follow-up briefing meetings

Meeting Outcomes Communiqué

  • An agreed Communiqué will be released on ASQA’s website within a week of each meeting
  • The draft Communiqué will be provided within two working days of each meeting and members will be given two working days to provide feedback

Meeting Minutes

  • Draft Minutes will be circulated within two weeks of each meeting for members’ feedback
  • The draft Minutes will be revised to incorporate members’ feedback and will be confirmed at the subsequent meeting
  • The Minutes are a confidential record of the meeting


  • ASQA will provide secretariat services to the Provider Roundtable
  • The secretariat can be contacted at
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