ASQA Provider Roundtable Communiqué (February 2023)

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The ASQA Provider Roundtable (the Roundtable) held its first meeting for 2023 on 28 February.

The Roundtable was chaired by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Christina Bolger.

Key updates

New Standards for RTOs

The Chair provided an update on the New Standards, following engagement with the Department, noting that the meeting of the Skills Ministers last week reached an agreement to amend the commencement date to 1 January 2025.

Further information can be found at Communique of meeting of Federal, State and Territory Skills Ministers | Ministers' Media Centre (

This extended time will allow for further consideration to ensure the standards are fit for purpose and provide the intended outcomes.

ASQA’s practices

ASQA is working to mature its reporting and how that relates to the impact on the sector. The reporting is currently being revised to shift from number of regulatory activities to how ASQA is exercising regulatory functions, which will give greater visibility on the function outcomes.

ASQA is placing particular focus on improving the timelines of provider application processes. 

Support of the sector in the post-pandemic recovery is also a priority for ASQA. 

RTO Standards Implementation

ASQA’s intention is to engage across the sector along with Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR), using modes such as focus groups, surveys and case studies. 

Representatives from DEWR are attending the May meeting to update Roundtable members on the progress of engagement activities.

Information Transparency

Questions included in a paper were circulated to the Roundtable members for consideration and discussion.

The Chair advised that ASQA is anticipating the Minister will release an instrument that will instruct ASQA to publish audit findings on the national register.

ASQA will develop a regulatory practice guide with consultation from stakeholders.

Strategic Review of Online Learning

ASQA has a broad range of actions arising from the review. Members were directed to the published report on ASQA’s website, at Strategic Review of Online Learning in the VET sector published | Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

The focus of the conversation gave an overview of the actions that ASQA is taking in response to the strategic review and the ESOS return to compliance date of 30 June 2023.

ASQA will take a sample of different cohorts to conduct reviews, which will commence prior to 30 June 2023. This will provide ASQA with an understanding on how providers are transitioning to a return to compliance.

The needs and requirements for students for digital inclusion and sufficient digital literacy to engage properly in online learning was also discussed and will remain a consideration in ASQAs regulatory risks treatment for delivery of online learning.

Other business

The Chair advised that the Skills Ministers have committed to some initiatives for the future VET Workforce. These can be found at Skills and Workforce Ministerial Council Communique – 24 February 2023.

ASQA will provide an update on the progress of continuous improvement to the transition extension process at the May meeting.

Next meeting

9th May 2023

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