ASQA Provider Roundtable Communiqué (August 2023)

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The ASQA Provider Roundtable held its third meeting for 2023 on 22 August.

The Roundtable was chaired by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Christina Bolger.

Stakeholder Engagement in the new VET Architecture

The Chair of the National VET Regulator Advisory Council provided the Roundtable members with an overview of the Advisory Council and its working relationship with ASQA. The Roundtable discussed the strategic landscape in the VET sector and how ASQA and its stakeholders can work together to ensure quality of VET and continuous improvement in the sector.

ASQA’s Provider and Course Owner Survey

ASQA presented results from its 2022-2023 Provider and Course Owner survey. The survey is conducted annually to seek feedback from training providers and accredited course owners on ASQA’s regulatory approach. Results from this survey indicate that the majority of providers and course owners experience ASQA’s regulatory approach as a best practice and proportionate approach that promotes quality improvement and adds value.

Regulatory Risk Priorities

ASQA presented an overview of their expanded Environmental scan process and outcomes which assisted in establishing their 2023-20-24 Regulatory Risk Priorities. ASQA’s regulatory campaigns will involve a range of activities including resource and guidance to assist the sector and to mitigate identified risks, as well as targeted regulatory activities to ensure that ASQA maintains appropriate regulatory oversight.

Next meeting

28 November 2023

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