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Student surveys

As part of its student-centred audit approach, ASQA is seeking greater input from training providers’ current and former students including through interviews and surveys.

This fact sheet explains the survey that your students will be asked to complete and your role in assisting ASQA with this process.

What is the purpose of the student survey?

The student survey collects information from students about their experiences from the time they first decided to enrol with your training provider, including by asking them about the training and support they received, their assessment experiences, and the completion of their training.

This information will be used by ASQA to:

  • inform the scope of your audit
  • identify any areas of concern, and
  • support the evidence or identify any variance from the evidence you provide during the audit process.

How will the survey be administered?

ASQA will utilise an electronic survey tool to administer the survey to students that have enrolled in or completed training with your organisation in the past 12 months.

ASQA will ask your organisation to:

  • complete a template with a list of student details, and
  • inform these students they may receive a survey from ASQA.

ASQA will then send out an email invite to all, or to a sample of, these students requesting they complete the survey.

ASQA may ask you to remind students to complete the survey if the response rate is very low.

What is the survey about?

The survey asks questions that relate to the following parts of the student experience:

  • marketing and recruitment
  • enrolment
  • support and progression
  • training and assessment, and
  • completion.

Students are asked to tick the box that best matches their agreement with statements about their learning experiences. The survey also asks students some open questions about their overall satisfaction with their training experience.

See below for the full list of questions.

Will I be given a copy of the results?

You will be provided with a summary of the aggregated responses for your survey at the same time you are issued with your audit report. This summary will not identify individual students or include comments from individual students as these are kept confidential. Your auditor may also discuss the overall survey results with you at audit and reference them in the audit report.

ASQA holds the copyright for this document and RTOs are not permitted to republish these survey results in any form, including on their websites.

More information

For more information, email ASQA on enquiries [at] asqa.gov.au


ASQA student survey questions

Marketing and recruitment

  • The information I received about my course before I enrolled (signed up) was factual and accurate.
  • I knew the name of my training provider before I enrolled (signed up).
  • Did the training provider offer you any incentives to sign up to the course (such as an iPad or a laptop)?
  • Did the training provider promise or guarantee you would get a job if you completed the course?
  • Was there another organisation (different to your training provider) involved in marketing, recruiting or signing you up to this course?
  • At the time you signed up, were you aware there was another organisation (different to your training provider) involved with your recruitment and sign up?


  • My training provider gave me advice about how the course would meet my needs before I enrolled (signed up).
  • I understood the length of the course, study requirements and assessment (test) methods before I enrolled (signed up).
  • My rights and responsibilities as a student were explained to me before I enrolled (signed up).
  • The payment terms and conditions, including any loan arrangements, were clear to me when I enrolled (signed up).
  • I was aware of my training provider’s refund policy when I enrolled (signed up).

Support and progression

  • My training provider has asked me if I have any special learning needs.
  • I have been given information about support services available to me as a student.
  • I know I can get help if I have a problem or find the course difficult.
  • My training provider supports me to use technology and access the learning resources I need to complete my course.
  • I understand how to make a complaint if I am unhappy about my training or support services.

Training and assessment

  • My teachers/trainers are professional and knowledgeable about my course subject.
  • The amount of training I receive is enough to allow me to practice new skills before I am assessed (tested).
  • I have access to good quality learning resources and facilities.
  • Assessment activities are fair and are clearly explained to me.
  • I am given helpful feedback on my assessment tasks.


  • My course is meeting my work, career or study needs.
  • I understand what is required to successfully complete my course.
  • I expect to complete my course within the planned study time.
  • I value the training provided by my training provider.
  • I would recommend my training provider to my friends, family and colleagues.

Overall satisfaction

  • Overall, how satisfied are you with the training and support services provided by your training provider?
  • What have you valued most about your training experience?
  • How could your training experience have been improved?
  • Are there any other comments you wish to provide?