ASQA introduces revised fees and charges to support its risk-based regulatory approach

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) today confirmed that it is implementing revised fees and charges from 6 July 2018. This follows Ministerial approval of the final fees and charges proposed by ASQA during a public consultation process in late 2017.

ASQA shares the Australian Government’s commitment to reducing regulatory and financial burden on good-quality training providers with a strong history of compliance.

The revised fees and charges support ASQA’s broader risk-based approach to regulation of the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

ASQA Chief Commissioner Mark Paterson said that ASQA’s updated fees and charges will reduce some fees and charges from the current rates, reflecting efficiencies realised through the regulator’s upgraded business systems and improved processes.

‘ASQA’s newly streamlined fees and charges will provide cost reductions for providers that demonstrate high levels of compliance with their regulatory obligations, including the requirements of the VET Quality Framework,’ Mr Paterson said.

‘These changes align with our risk-based approach to regulation, so that those providers that require a greater level of regulatory attention and oversight are more likely to pay higher costs for their regulation.’

As a partial-cost recovery agency, ASQA is required to levy fees and charges to recover a portion of its operational costs. ASQA developed a Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) for the recovery of these costs through updated fees and charges in late 2017.

This CRIS was approved following public consultation in August and September 2017, during which the proposed changes were received positively by providers and stakeholders.

Providers and course owners seeking further information on the implementation of the revised fees and charges can refer to a range of resources, including responses to frequently asked questions, on ASQA’s website at

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