What evidence do I need to demonstrate I have engaged with industry? What is meant by "range of strategies for industry engagement"? (Clauses 1.5 – 1.6)


Each RTO can choose their preferred approach for engaging industry stakeholders.

To engage with industry, your RTO could implement one or more of the strategies below. Having a range of strategies allows your RTO to consult with a number of stakeholders over a period of time.

Strategies for industry engagement can include:

  • partnering with local employers, regional/national businesses, relevant industry bodies, or enterprise RTOs
  • involving employers in industry advisory committees
  • embedding staff within enterprises
  • ongoing networking with industry organisations, peak bodies, or employers
  • developing networks of relevant employers and industry representatives to participate in assessment validation, and/or
  • exchanging knowledge, staff and resources with employers, networks and industry bodies.

The rationale behind industry engagement is that you can then use information obtained from this engagement to:

  • help design your strategies for training and assessment
  • select suitable resources
  • seek feedback about how you provide training and assessment, and
  • confirm your trainers and assessors have current industry skills.

By undertaking industry engement, you ensure that the training and assessment you provide will ensure graduates hold industry-relevant skills and knowledge and are able to apply these in the workplace.

There is no specific method you must use to record the evidence of your industry consultation.

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