I am the only trainer/assessor in our small RTO. How do I meet the requirement of clause 1.11, which states ‘validation must be undertaken by one or more persons who are not directly involved in the particular instance of delivery and assessment.’


The validation process involves:

  • checking a statistically valid sample of completed student assessment tools has produced valid, reliable, sufficient, current and authentic evidence, and if required, making recommendations for future improvements to the assessment tool, process or outcome and acting upon those recommendations.

The trainer and assessor who delivered/assessed the training product being validated:

  • can participate in the validation process as part of a team
  • cannot conduct the validation on his/her own
  • cannot determine the validation outcome for any assessment judgements they made, and
  • cannot be the lead validator in the assessment team.

If a sole trainer and assessor is involved in training and/or assessing a learner whose completed assessment is used in the validation sample, it would be considered, that trainer and assessor would have been ‘directly involved in the particular instance of delivery and assessment’.

In this case, the trainer and assessor can still participate in the validation process; however, cannot decide the validation outcomes of their own assessment decisions. A trainer and assessor can work as part of a validation team. For more information, please refer to the ASQA Fact sheet—Conducting validation.

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