Provider number
Trading name
Bridge Business College
Managerial agent
Chief Executive - Mr Kiaran Green; Director - Kiaran Green; Director - Colin Lenton; Director - Gregory Keaney; Secretary - Peter Gerorge Doukas
Decision type
Amend scope
Details of decision

The Commissioner Regulatory Operations decided to;

  1. amend, under the NVR Act 36(2)(b), the RTO's scope of registration to remove:
    • BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business
    • BSB52415 Diploma of Marketing and Communication
    • FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting
    • SIT50116 Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

with effect 35 calendar days after the date of the provider is given written notice of the decision.

Additional information

Following reconsideration of the decision, the Commissioners decided to affirm ASQA's decision to amend the RTO's scope of registration.

Following AAT review, the parties reached an agreement as to the terms of a decision of the Tribunal.

The Tribunal decided that:

  1. ASQA's decision to amend under the NVR Act the scope of the Applicant's registration, is set aside, and in substitution it is decided that the following courses are not removed from the Applicant's registration:
    1. BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business;
    2. BSB52415 Diploma of Marketing and Communication;
    3. FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting; and
    4. SIT50116 Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management.
Date of decision
Status of decision
Settled pursuant to terms of agreement at AAT
Status of review
No review available