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The following conditions are imposed on the RTO's registration under section 29 of the NVR Act for the entire period of its initial registration:

  1. The RTO is not permitted to amend its scope of VET registration until such time as a post-initial audit has been completed, other than changes to its delivery state or territory of its current scope;
  2. The RTO must retain copies of all completed student assessment material;
  3. The RTO is required to monitor and record attendance for all students and retain those records for the entire period of its initial registration;
  4. The RTO must conduct Training and Assessment and not Recognised Prior Learning for at least 1 unit of competency in a qualification in which a student is enrolled; and
  5. The RTO must notify ASQA by email to the following:
    1. Notification at least 14 days prior to its initial deliver of VET classes;
    2. Notification within 7 days of its 15th student enrolment;
    3. Notification at least 14 days prior to the sale of the RTO, the identity and contact details of any purchaser; and
    4. Notification within 14 days of engaging or ceasing engagement of a trainer/assessor the name, units of competency engaged to deliver and contact details of that trainer/assessor.
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