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The Commissioners decided to:

  • i. Cancel, under the NVR Act s 36(2)(f) and s 39, the RTO’s registration, with effect 35 calendar days after the date the RTO is given written notice of the decision.
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AAT revoked decision on review
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Following AAT review, the Tribunal decided to set aside the decision and directed that the renewal of registration for a period of three years be subject to the following conditions pursuant to s 29(1) of the NVR Act:

  1. Condition: Review of Assessment System to reduce occurrence of alleged plagiarism 
    1. By 31 October 2019, Brighton is to approve an Academic Misconduct Policy that applies to all of its students (Academic Misconduct Policy).
    2. By 31 October 2019, Brighton must cause an independent review to be undertaken of a sample of its assessments across all courses with active enrolments, requesting any recommended changes to those assessments to reduce the risk of the occurrence of alleged academic misconduct (including plagiarism) under the Academic Misconduct Policy (Assessment Design Review).
    3. The Assessment Design Review must be undertaken by an independent person who is suitably experienced in the design of assessment to reduce instances of academic misconduct.
    4. By 28 February 2020, Brighton must produce a report demonstrating that it has implemented any recommendations from the Assessment Design Review across its entire assessment system, capable of being produced to ASQA immediately upon request after that date.
  2. Condition: Independent Validation of Assessment System
    1. By 30 June 2020, Brighton must cause to be produced an independent validation of its assessment system, tools, processes and outcomes for each of its courses with active enrolments, capable of being produced to ASQA immediately upon request after that date.
    2. The independent validation must be undertaken by independent person/s who have vocational currency in the training product being validated and the training and assessment qualification or assessor skill set at least to the level being validated.