Provider number
Managerial agent
Chief Executive - Mr. Gurdeep Singh Dhillon; Director - Loveleen Kaur; Director - Gurdeep Singh Dhillon; Director - Sandeep Sidhu; Secretary - Gurdeep Singh Dhillon
Decision type
Details of decision

The Commissioners decided to:

  1. Cancel, under the NVR Act s 36(2)(f) and s 39, the RTO’s registration with effect 35 calendar days after the date the RTO is given written notice of the decision.
Additional information

The decision has been stayed by the AAT subject to conditions including, that the Applicant:

  • Produce a copy of timetables for all classes for each month of tuition by no later than the close of business seven business days from the commencement of each such month;
  • Provide to the Respondent a copy of its bank statements for the prior month within seven business days of the commencement of each month to compliancemelbourne@asqa.gov.au
  • On the first day of each month, or the next business day, submit class timetables identifying the precise location, students required to attend an trainer or assessor scheduled to train or assess as well is the date and time of any assessment activity or structured learning for all courses for all classes for all students, for that month to compliancemelbourne@asqa.gov.au
  • Maintain and produce on request to the Respondent, class rolls for each class, signed by each student required to attend that class and each trainer/assessor training or assessing in that class for all VET courses;
  • the Applicant may:
    1. enrol a new student into a VET course or part of a VET course; and
    2. allow a VET student to begin a VET course or any part of a VET course, on the condition that at all relevant times, the number of students who have commenced a VET course or part of a VET course does not exceed 350 in number.
Date of decision
Status of decision
Decision stayed subject to conditions by order of the AAT while under review
Status of review
AAT review ongoing