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Providers must register on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) to teach overseas students on student visas in Australia.

This section explains how to apply for and manage CRICOS and ELICOS registrations.


In Australia, training providers must be approved on CRICOS before they can teach overseas students.

There are certain requirements you need to meet to be come a CRICOS provider.

Apply for CRICOS registration to deliver VET or English-language courses.

Apply to provide English-language intensive courses for overseas students.

How to change your scope of registration as a CRICOS provider.

Apply to ASQA to renew your CRICOS registration at least 90 days before it expires.

Find out how ASQA assesses your application for CRICOS registration.

Find out how to apply to ASQA to withdraw your CRICOS registration.

More support—CRICOS

Further information resources for CRICOS providers.



Part of ASQA’s role as a regulator is to audit the practices of RTOs and CRICOS providers. Find out how and why ASQA conducts provider audits.

About performance assessments