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Stage 2—Course review and redevelopment

To renew a course you must research and provide evidence there is an ongoing industry, enterprise, education, legislative or community need for the course.

You must also review and amend the accredited course to ensure it complies with current standards and meets current industry needs.

When redeveloping your course, ASQA recommend you engage the services of a representative with skills and knowledge in developing courses for accreditation for delivery in the VET sector.

Consult with stakeholders

Consultation and validation activities must occur:

  • with a broad range of relevant industry stakeholders
  • at both the course/qualification level and the enterprise unit of competency level.

You must provide evidence of this consultation along with your renewal of accreditation application.

Consultation must also involve relevant Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) where the outcomes of a proposed course fall within (or can be associated with) areas of its coverage.

You must submit evidence to demonstrate this consultation has occurred with your course renewal application. The following documents are available to assist with the process:

Review and redevelopment of the course

You must review your course against current accreditation requirements. These may have changed since the course was last accredited, requiring you to amend your course.

The current standards are Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2021Standards for Training Packages and the Australian Qualification Framework.

ASQA will only consider a course for renewal if it does not duplicate the outcomes of existing training package outcomes. Training packages are often updated to meet identified needs. New training package units of competency, skill sets and qualifications may have received endorsement since your course was last accredited.

You will need to conduct a full review of your course content to check for any duplication with training package content.

During your review of the course document, you must:

  • Update your accredited course document. The course must be developed using ASQA’s Accredited course document template. The template provides guidance and some suggested text for inclusion in the course document. Section B: 3.2 of the template contains specific guidance on reviewing a course document for renewal of accreditation.
  • Ensure units of competency developed for inclusion in the course (enterprise units) meet the requirements of the Standards for Training Packages. ASQA complies with development requirements endorsed by the then Standing Council on Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment (SCOTESE) for training products developed and delivered in the VET sector. The Standards for Training Packages supersede the Training Package Development Handbook. The Standards for Training Packages do not accommodate the development of modules in VET accredited courses.
  • Ensure you are using current versions of training package units. You can find the content of all endorsed training package units on

Ensure the allocated nominal hours for training package units align to those specified in the Victorian training package purchasing guides. The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) uses these hours for AVETMISS reporting purposes; therefore, ASQA uses these hours as a benchmark.

Volume of learning

For information on volume of learning, please see our Integrating volume of learning in a course page.

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