ASQA’s Regulatory Risk Priorities for 2021–22

This page outlines ASQA’s Regulatory Risk Priorities for 2021–22. We update these priorities regularly to ensure we are responding to the most current issues in the sector.  

We use a risk-based approach to determine the most significant risks to achieving ASQA’s purpose, which is to ensure quality VET and the integrity of national qualifications issued by training providers.  

We will be engaging with the sector continuously throughout this year and sharing more detail progressively as regular ‘Risk Insights’.  

Please note that in addition to the risks identified here, we are also proactively interacting with a number of providers for whom there is no identified risk, as part of monitoring the overall performance of the sector. 

About our Regulatory Risk Priorities for 2021–22 

Content last reviewed: Tuesday 14 December 2021

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