Strategic reviews

ASQA’s strategic review program examines serious systemic risks to Australia's VET sector.

If left untreated, systemic risks can affect the quality of training and assessment, resulting in adverse effects on individuals, industry and the wider community. Serious systemic risks can lead to a loss of confidence in the VET sector as a whole.

Strategic review process

We design every strategic review to respond to particular risk factors. As a result, each review uses a distinct approach. All ASQA’s strategic reviews involve:

  • research and review of the available literature and data
  • consultation with stakeholder groups (e.g. government, industry, providers, students)
  • analysis of ASQA compliance information and other internal data
  • other activities designed to respond to specific aspects of the particular systemic risk
  • publication of a final report that documents findings, and may include recommendations.

ASQA puts into place recommendations that relate directly to our regulatory functions. We also work with industry and government stakeholders to apply broader recommendations.

Current strategic review

Online learning in the VET sector

ASQA announced a strategic review of online learning in the VET sector in our Regulatory Strategy 2020-22.

Past strategic reviews

Completed strategic reviews

View reports from strategic reviews ASQA has undertaken in the past. 

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