How can an Administrator approve access for another user?


If you are an Administrator (in most cases, this will be the CEO or PEO), you will need to approve requests to register and therefore access your asqanet account from staff or contactors working for your provider.

To approve these registration requests:

  1. Log in to asqanet
  2. Selecting User Management from the drop-down menu in the top right corner.
  3. Pending Agent requests will be listed in the User Management section.
  4. To confirm an agent request, select Action Request.
  5. The staff member or contractor will then be granted access as an Agent for your organisation.
  6. You can also grant a staff member or contactor the capacity to approve other requests for registration as an agent, by making them an administrator. From the User Managementsection, under Current Agents, you have the option to select the Make Admin button.
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