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Provide student records to ASQA

A provider must forward to ASQA an electronic copy of the records for each student who was enrolled in a course during the period of registration if:

  • the provider voluntarily withdraws its registration
  • its registration has lapsed
  • its registration is not renewed
  • its registration is cancelled by ASQA.

The provider must do this within 30 days of their registration expiring or of ceasing to operate. ASQA will notify the provider of this requirement in writing.

This does not apply if a student is transferring to another provider. In this event, the provider from which the student is transferring is to pass on the student's records to the new provider.

Please note the following requirements for sending records to ASQA.

Electronic records required by ASQA

The person who is, or was, the nominated Chief Executive of the provider must ensure that the student records:

  • are sent in an electronic form to studentenquiries [at] asqa.gov.au 
  • include the following information for each student:
    • family name, first name
    • residential post code
    • date of birth
    • student ID number (if issued)
    • enrolment and commencement dates
    • code and title of qualification, course or program student enrolled in
    • codes and titles of units of competency completed and results (if applicable)
    • date the Certificate or Statement of Attainment was issued
  • are submitted to ASQA within 30 days of registration expiring / ceasing operation (in accordance with the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011).