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Use asqanet to manage your registration

The asqanet web portal allows you to:

  • lodge online VET and CRICOS applications, including applications for reassessment and review of an ASQA decision and online payments
  • notify ASQA of material changes or events for your RTO or CRICOS provider
  • view applications submitted by all users on behalf of your RTO and CRICOS provider, and
  • review and update your RTO and CRICOS provider details without submitting a form.

How can I access the asqanet system?

If you are a Chief Executive/Principal Executive Officer

In preparation for the release of asqanet on 27 September, ASQA created administrator user accounts for those people nominated as Chief Executives and/or Principal Executive Officers for:

  • existing RTOs
  • RTO applicants who have completed and submitted their initial registration applications
  • registered CRICOS providers, and
  • CRICOS provider applicants who have completed and submitted their initial registration applications.

When staff or consultants create their own accounts, they will need to request access from these administrators. People with administrator user accounts can then grant access to staff or consultants to act as agents for the organisation.

ASQA will email you the account details on 27 September and you can access the site at asqanet.asqa.gov.au.

If you are another ASQAnet user (such as an RTO staff member or consultant)

If you were a user of the former ASQAnet web portal, but you’re not nominated as Chief Executive or Principal Executive Officer, you will need to re-register to use asqanet.

Staff and consultants can create their own accounts by:

  • Registering to use asqanet at asqanet.asqa.gov.au, and then
  • Requesting agent access to the organisation.

The administrator may then choose to grant ‘agent access’ to you.

How can I learn how to use the system?

ASQA has published an ‘Introduction to using asqanet’ quick guide for all users which contains a range of information about how you can:

  • Register to use asqanet
  • Update your personal details
  • Request to link your user account to an organisation
  • Grant agent access to other users
  • Apply for initial registration as an RTO or CRICOS Provider
  • Notify ASQA of changes to your RTO or CRICOS Provider details
  • Apply to renew your RTO or CRICOS Provider registration
  • Apply to change the scope of your RTO or CRICOS Provider
  • Make a report about a provider

I’m having trouble using asqanet—help me!

ASQA has published an ‘Introduction to using asqanet’ quick guide for all users that you can download as well as a range of frequently asked questions about using the asqanet web portal.

If you need additional help, please contact the ASQA Info Line on 1300 701 801 or at enquiries [at] asqa.gov.au between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm AET, Monday to Friday.