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Use ASQA's audit report template

ASQA's auditors use the Audit report template—VET when auditing VET providers for compliance. (Providers preparing for an audit of their CRICOS registration should refer to audit documentation for CRICOS providers).

What is the Audit report template—VET?

ASQA reports on all audits of registered training organisations using the Audit report template—VET (PDF).

The report contains ‘evidence guidance’ against each clause, which is designed to guide the auditor and RTO on the requirements of the clause. The evidence guidance is not designed to limit the audit findings. There may be other factors an auditor takes into consideration when determining whether compliance has been demonstrated.

How does ASQA use the Audit report template—VET?

ASQA uses an 'exceptions-based' model of reporting. This means that a comprehensive description of evidence gathered and compliance findings are only recorded if non-compliance is identified. If non-compliance is identified, the audit report will also include a description of the gap in compliance for which the applicant or RTO must submit further evidence. ASQA will send you a copy of the audit report (either for actioning, if further evidence is required, or for your records).

How can RTOs use the Audit report template—VET?

Your organisation may choose to reference the audit report template when reporting on your own compliance monitoring activities (e.g. conducting a 'self-assessment') and/or when preparing for an ASQA audit.

The template can be used to:

  • guide the collection of relevant evidence against each standard
  • set out the reasons for the finding of non-compliance (if relevant) and to describe the gap in compliance and what further evidence is required; and
  • describe the further evidence (rectification evidence) supplied to fill the compliance gap and to state any outstanding non-compliance.