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Cancellation of Sage Academy Training Pty Ltd (RTO number 41505) qualification enquiry form

This form applies to all students affected by ASQA’s decision to cancel the qualifications issued by Sage Academy Training Pty Ltd (RTO number 41505) and will help you to understand where to direct your enquiry and the next steps you need to take.

1 - When does cancellation of my certificate from Sage Academy take effect?

The decision takes effect at the end of a 30 day period from the date of the notice, unless you apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a review.

2 - Licensing

ASQA is not the body responsible for security licensing and accordingly is unable to provide advice or information related to existing security licenses or applications to obtain a security license. Any questions related to security licensing should be directed to the security licensing body in your state.

3 - If you are seeking a refund

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is unable to assist with cost recovery/reimbursement of course fees relating to your enrolment. If you are seeking a refund or reimbursement, please contact your state’s Consumer Affairs or Fair Trading Office.

4 - Where can I undertake further training?

The only way to regain your qualification is to enrol with another RTO, and this will likely incur costs. Please be aware that ASQA does not have any jurisdiction to determine the fees that training organisations charge for enrolment.

Information regarding alternative training providers can be found via the My Skills website (www.myskills.gov.au) or the National Register (training.gov.au).

5 - Further training already undertaken

This notice specifically concerns the cancellation of the qualification issued to you by Sage Academy Training Pty Ltd. This action by ASQA will not impact any other security qualification issued to you by another registered training organisation.

6 - Returning your certificate to ASQA

Section 58(2) of the Act requires that you must return the qualification and/or statement of attainment to ASQA at the address shown below:

Attention: Qualifications Review
Australian Skills Quality Authority
GPO Box 9928

The documents must be returned to ASQA within 30 days of the date of this notice, unless you have lodged a review application with the AAT and advised ASQA of that fact.

Failure to meet this obligation may attract monetary penalties.

7 - I am formally advising ASQA of my decision to appeal ASQA’s decision in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

You may apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (the AAT) for a review of ASQA’s decision under section 203(2) of the Act.

The AAT is an independent review authority that has the power to affirm, vary or set aside ASQA's decisions. The AAT aims to provide fair, impartial, high quality and prompt review with as little formality and technicality as possible.

Under section 41(2) of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975, you also have the right to apply for a stay of the enforcement or implementation of ASQA's decision until such time as the AAT determines its review of the decision.

An application to the AAT for a review of the decision must be submitted within 28 days, starting from the day you receive notification of ASQA's decision and will usually require the payment of an application fee. Your application to the AAT must be submitted in writing using the AAT forms available from the AAT Registry in your capital city, or from the AAT website: www.aat.gov.au

Review applications may also be lodged at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, GPO Box 9955 in your capital city. You may contact the AAT directly by telephone at 1300 366 700.

Information regarding application fees for the AAT can be found at the following link: AAT Application Fees

e.g. ASQA-L1-000