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Applying for a copy of student records

If the provider that issued your qualification or statement of attainment has closed, or you have lost your original copy, ASQA may be able to provide confirmation of the studies you completed.

Before you apply for a copy of your student records, please be aware that:

  • Since July 2011, all registered training organisations (RTOs) that close are required to provide ASQA with a record of all qualifications and statements of attainment issued to students.
  • Some state and territory regulators operating before July 2011 did not collect records from closed providers, so ASQA may not have these records.
  • If ASQA holds your provider’s records—but not a record of your qualification or statement of attainment—ASQA can provide you with a letter, which includes a verified record of your assessment results. You may then use this record to apply to an RTO for an assessment of your eligibility to receive a statement of attainment or a qualification.
  • There is a $60 fee for the return of your records.

To apply for a copy of your student records, please complete the Online form—Application for a copy of student records.

As part of your application, please ensure you have a completed Identity verification form (DOC) (required) ready to upload.

If you are an RTO seeking student records on behalf of students who have recently enrolled with your organisation, please contact studentenquiries [at] asqa.gov.au

ASQA-issued certificates and statements of attainment

In exceptional circumstances, ASQA may issue a vocational education and training (VET) qualification or statement of attainment to a current or former VET student.

Exceptional circumstances may include when a former student has changed their identity because of witness protection or fleeing domestic violence. A statutory declaration regarding exceptional circumstances will be required.

ASQA will only issue a certificate or statement of attainment if satisfied you have successfully completed the qualification’s requirements or units of competency.