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Standard Three

The RTO issues, maintains and accepts AQF certification documentation in accordance with these Standards and provides access to learner records.


To maintain the integrity and national recognition of training products, AQF certification must be consistent in presentation and RTOs must accept the certification issued by other RTOs. This is the purpose of nationally agreed requirements about the nature of certification content and presentation and maintenance. Learner needs should be met through timely issuance of AQF certification documentation and access to their records.

RTOs are not obliged to issue any certification that would be entirely comprised of units or modules completed at another RTO or RTOs.

How Standard Three benefits:


  • Learners receive certification that clearly documents their skills and knowledge in a timely manner.


  • Industry and employers can access consistent documentation about the skills of their workers and have confidence that certification is genuine.


  • Providers have confidence that certification presented for credit is valid and that their reputation will not be damaged by the issue of fraudulent qualifications.

Standard Three is explained in more detail in this section of the guide, including the responsibility of RTOs to: