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Standard Six

Complaints and appeals are recorded, acknowledged and dealt with fairly, efficiently and effectively.


RTOs must implement a transparent complaints and appeals policy that enables learners and clients to be informed of and to understand their rights and the RTO’s responsibilities under the Standards.

Enterprise RTOs and volunteer associations that do not charge fees for the training and/or assessment and only provide training to employees or members are not required to maintain a separate complaints and appeals policy in relation to their training and assessment. These organisations must ensure, however, that their organisation’s complaints policy is sufficiently broad to cover the activities as an RTO.

How Standard Six benefits:


  • Members of the public who are affected by the actions of an RTO can have their concerns addressed promptly.


  • Learners have any concerns about their training or assessment addressed promptly and equitably.


  • RTOs that manage complaints and appeals will benefit from increased satisfaction of learners.

Standard Six is explained in more detail in this section of the guide, including the responsibility of RTOs to: