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Clause 8.3

Notify ASQA regarding third party agreements

Clause 8.3

The RTO notifies the Regulator:

  • of any written agreement entered into under Clause 2.3 for the delivery of services on its behalf within 30 calendar days of that agreement being entered into or prior to the obligations under the agreement taking effect, whichever occurs first, and
  • within 30 calendar days of the agreement coming to an end.

What this Standard means for your RTO

Your RTO must notify ASQA whenever it starts or ends a third-party agreement. Notification of third-party arrangements must be done online via the Third Party Service Arrangement notification form.

Remember that this requirement covers agreements for a third party to provide any of the following:

  • training
  • assessment
  • educational and support services (this does not include student counselling, mediation or ICT support), and/or
  • activities related to the recruitment of prospective learners.

A guide to compliance

RTOs are not required to have policies or procedures in this area. In general, compliance with these clauses would be demonstrated by the RTO cooperating with ASQA in the normal course of business by providing relevant information.

If your organisation is seeking registration as an RTO, you are not generally required to provide specific evidence in this area.

However, if you are intending to use third-party arrangements, you may be required to provide evidence that written agreements are in place.