ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group Terms of Reference

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Original Terms of Reference, 2020

The ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) Terms of Reference, Member Code of Conduct, Member Confidentiality Agreement, and Disclosure Policy are published for information purposes.

Individuals selected by ASQA for membership of the SLG will be required to sign the Member Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of their participation.


The purpose of the SLG is to engage and consult with providers and other key stakeholders on ASQA’s approach to engagement and education, and to identify and respond to key issues facing providers.


ASQA’s purpose is to protect the quality and reputation of the VET sector, to regulate the VET sector using a contemporary risk-based approach and standards-based regulatory approach, and to facilitate access to accurate information about VET.

Stakeholder engagement is essential to ASQA achieving its purpose. The Stakeholder Liaison Group complements ASQA’s engagement activities by fostering a stronger connection with providers across the VET sector.


The objective of the SLG is to provide a forum for engagement and collaboration though which its members can:

  • identify how ASQA can expand its educative role
  • share information about key issues and risks facing providers
  • consult on changes to ASQA’s Regulatory Strategy
  • identify the guidance and materials that providers need to support their regulatory obligations and build capability for self-assurance
  • contribute to the co-design of new regulatory tools
  • consult on other matters of operational importance to the sector.

The SLG is advisory in nature and is not empowered to make binding decisions or determinations.

Membership criteria and selection process

The membership selection process will be undertaken by ASQA through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process open to all ASQA-regulated VET providers and to VET sector consultants.

The SLG will comprise:

  • the CEO of ASQA, who will serve as Chair
  • other ASQA senior executive/s and relevant personnel
  • subject matter experts as invited by ASQA
  • a mix of training providers that is broadly representative of the diversity of ASQA’s regulated community, including the following cohorts:
    • two TAFE RTOs delivering training to domestic students—this may include a dual-sector institution
    • one community college
    • one Enterprise RTO­­­­
    • one School that is an RTO
    • up to seven private RTOs—this may include a provider registered on CRICOS to deliver ELICOS training
  • one or more VET sector consultant selected for membership through the EOI process.

In selecting the mix of providers from across these cohorts, ASQA will take into account factors relating to the nature of training delivery, including scale, modes, locations, diversity of student populations, and provider performance.

In selecting the individuals to participate as members of the SLG, ASQA will make its selection based on those who:

  • hold leadership positions and have a high level of operational authority in their respective organisations
  • are motivated to advance the interests of providers in their cohort
  • are committed to developing the broader VET sector.


Members are required to:

  • attend and participate in meetings (see below)
  • respond to communications and participate in consultations
  • provide contributions and perspectives that advance the purpose of the SLG and not the concerns or interests of any particular training provider or organisation
  • support the Chair in the conduct of meetings
  • respect the views of other members and constructively contribute to conversations and dialogue
  • suggest agenda items for discussion, with due notice.

In agreeing to participate, members will first sign a Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement.

ASQA will:

  • organise, host, chair and provide logistical support for meetings
  • reimburse reasonable expenses that are incurred if there is a requirement for members to travel from outside of an Australian capital city to an ASQA office
  • supply administration and secretariat services including the preparation of meeting agendas, papers and meeting records.


  • The SLG will be chaired by the CEO of ASQA. The CEO may also delegate the role of SLG Chair.
  • The role of the Chair is to run meetings and facilitate conversations and consultations that are constructive and in line with the Terms of Reference.
  • Meetings will be held up to six times per year.
  • Meetings will chiefly be held via videoconferencing provided by ASQA.
  • The maximum term of membership is two years.
  • The Chair will consider and agree to a replacement in the event that a member resigns. If a member resigns before their two-year term, ASQA may appoint a replacement member (provider plus individual) consistent with the original membership composition and criteria.
  • ASQA may opt to reconstitute a proportion of the membership of the SLG every 18 months.
  • Applicants not selected through the EOI process may reapply in future rounds.
  • ASQA will review the functioning of the SLG, including its Terms of Reference, at least annually.

Media communication

Members are not authorised to speak to media about matters discussed by the SLG and are required to direct media queries to the ASQA Communication, Education and Service Delivery team via

Breach of Terms of Reference

If an SLG member breaches the Terms of Reference the Chair will discuss the matter with the member/s involved.

Breaches will be considered closely and members may, at the discretion of the Chair, be asked to leave the SLG. In that event the Chair will consider and agree to a replacement.

ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group Member Code of Conduct

As a member of the ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) I agree to the Terms of Reference, and specifically, I agree to:

  • attend meetings, and provide apologies with sufficient notice where attendance is not possible
  • act in an advisory capacity to ASQA to advance the purpose and objectives of the SLG
  • respect the views of other members and constructively contribute to conversations and dialogue
  • take part in consultations and respond to communications from ASQA in the context of my participation in the SLG in a timely way
  • acknowledge that the SLG is not the forum in which to advance the interests or concerns of any particular training provider or organisation
  • understand that ASQA may communicate my participation in ASQA publications or communications
  • acknowledge that the SLG is advisory in nature and is not empowered to make binding decisions or determinations
  • adhere to the requirements of the Confidentiality Agreement, including not engaging with the media in relation to the SLG or releasing information about the SLG without express permission.

I understand that where an individual member breaches the Code of Conduct, the SLG Chair may revoke that individual’s membership.

Signature: ___________________________________
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ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group Member Confidentiality Agreement

As a member of the ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) I agree to:

  • not disclose or distribute confidential information that is discussed at SLG meetings as advised by the SLG Chair
  • obtain SLG Chair approval before publishing or communicating information I have received while participating in the ASQA SLG
  • not engage with the media in relation to matters discussed by the SLG unless permission is obtained from the SLG Chair via the ASQA Manager of Communication, Education and Service Delivery.

Disclosure Policy

Members of the SLG abide by a Disclosure Policy which requires them to disclose any material changes to their business operations, including adverse decisions by ASQA or other government agencies, to the Chair on a confidential basis for assessment.

The Chair will determine, on a case-by-case basis, the appropriate response, which may include asking the member to absent themselves from an upcoming meeting or for a period of time

All matters disclosed are confidential between the Chair and the member involved.


ASQA is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. An overview of how ASQA handles your personal information, under the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), is provided at

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