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What happens after a performance assessment?

Once the performance assessment (audit) process concludes, ASQA auditors will prepare a report of findings. We will send this report to the training provider, along with details of any significant or minor compliance issues identified. In some cases, there may be no compliance issues identified in the report.

ASQA’s performance assessment reports:

  • follow the five-stage student journey
  • reference all actions required of your organisation at the beginning of the report
  • use an ‘exceptions’ approach—we will only detail the areas of non-compliance.

Where the report identifies areas of non-compliance, it will also state what the gap is and the evidence necessary for resolution.

What happens if we find non-compliance?

In most cases, you will have 20 working days from the report issuing date to show full compliance.

You must supply evidence to ASQA of any updates to procedures, training and assessment strategies to meet any identified compliance gaps.

You must also show that any poor practices identified by ASQA have been resolved, particularly where students have been affected by non-compliant training and assessment processes. Depending on the seriousness of the non-compliance, and the number of students affected, remedial action may be required.

Remedial action could include actions relating to:

  • current students
  • past students who enrolled with the provider up to six months previously.

You will have only one opportunity to provide evidence demonstrating your compliance.

What happens if I do not demonstrate compliance in the required time?

If you do not provide the necessary compliance evidence within the specified time frame:

  • we may reject your application, or
  • we may take regulatory action concerning your registration.

If we do take regulatory action, this may mean we place special conditions or a suspension on your registration.

How do I appeal an ASQA performance assessment decision?

ASQA will inform you of your appeal options when providing our performance assessment decision.

You may be able to request that ASQA reassess or review the decision in some instances.

You may also apply to have ASQA’s decision reviewed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

Feedback on the performance assessment process

If performance assessed, we will provide with you with an opportunity to give feedback on the process.

ASQA conducts a quarterly performance assessment survey. This survey contributes to the continuous improvement of the performance assessment process and helps to ensure performance assessment consistency.

Find out more about our surveys.
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