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Updates to the Users’ guide to the Standards for RTOs 2015

4 December 2017

ASQA has today published an updated version of the users’ guide, which has been developed to reflect ASQA’s student-centred approach to audit. Our audit approach focuses on the student experience, and the practices of RTOs. The guide aims to help RTOs make sure their practices deliver a quality experience for every student at each stage of their ‘journey’ through the VET system.

The guide follows the five phases of the student’s journey, grouping the relevant clauses against each stage, emphasising the importance of RTO practice to the quality of the student experience. The sixth chapter of the guide looks at the clauses relating to regulatory compliance and governance practice. The updated guide is available both online (www.asqa.gov.au/standards) and as a downloadable PDF:

he guide does not provide definitive checklists, as each RTO is different—with significant variance in terms of their offerings, delivery modes, target markets, size and so on—meaning that ‘one size fits all’ compliance checklists are an overly restrictive and limiting tool for Australia’s diverse VET providers. Instead, this guide describes how the Standards are relevant to RTOs at each phase of the student journey, outlines how RTOs might meet the Standards and provides examples and case studies illustrating the types of evidence that might demonstrate what is actually happening for the student at each phase of their journey.

RTOs are encouraged to use the guide to consider how their practices as well as their systems and processes can best support learning outcomes and high-quality student experiences at each stage of the student journey.