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Updates to ASQAnet are coming soon

11 December 2013

An update to ASQAnet is scheduled for early January 2014. The update will include changes to the available payment options for registered training organisations.

What do these changes mean?

From January 2014, providers submitting applications relating to vocational education and training (VET) in ASQAnet will be required to pay all application fees upfront.

This means if you are applying for initial registration or to renew registration, you must pay both the Application lodgement fee and the Application assessment fee when submitting your application.

From January 2014, changes to ASQAnet will allow the generation of an invoice.

This invoice will allow for you to pay for your application via:

  • electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • BPAY®*
  • Visa or MasterCard, or
  • cheque.

Please note that—in accordance with ASQA’s Schedule of fees 2013—from January 2014, VET applications that are not submitted in ASQAnet will also attract a data entry fee.

Upfront fee payment requirements and deadlines for renewal of VET registration

If you do not submit a complete application to renew VET registration at least 90 days before the expiry date, your registration may not be renewed.

Applications are not considered to be complete unless:

  • all required evidence has been submitted
  • the application lodgement fee has been paid in full, and
  • the application assessment fee has been paid in full.

ASQA will not commence the assessment of any application relating to VET registration until all fees have been paid in full, and the payment has cleared. Any delay in the payment of fees will therefore increase the processing time for your application.

* Please note that BPAY payments are not available for any CRICOS applications. BPAY will only be an available option where stated on the invoice. (This will exclude all CRICOS invoices and some RTO invoices.)