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Training provider and course owner briefings

25 February 2016

With just over one week since registrations have opened, over 3000 people have claimed their seats at one of ASQA’s training provider and course owner briefings. Have you claimed your seat yet?

A total of 36 sessions will be held between late-March and early-June:

  • 27 face-to-face training provider briefings
  • six course accreditation briefings
  • two training provider webcasts and
  • one course accreditation webcast.

Due to strong demand to attend these sessions, and ASQA’s commitment to providing access to stakeholders to engage with this material, there will be at least three separate briefing sessions held in most capital cities spread throughout the months of March to June. As space is limited, we kindly ask that if you become unable to attend a session you’re registered for, you either cancel or transfer their registration to a colleague.

Although some cities have certain sessions booked out, the only city which is already sold out is the Gold Coast. If you are a provider based in the Gold Coast and are interested in attending a session you have a few choices available to you:

  • Register for the waitlist for the Gold Coast briefing session
  • Attend a session in another city, such as Brisbane
  • Register for a live webcast and attend online

For more information on where the sessions will be held and how to register for your preferred briefing visit: