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Total VET activity data and a reminder to report all relevant Unique Student Identifier (USI) data in 2018

11 December 2017

A number of training providers have recently received letters from ASQA as a result of not submitting all required USI information for some 2016 training activity with their total VET activity data submissions earlier this year.

ASQA-registered RTOs will be asked to submit total VET activity data for the 2017 calendar year, including full AVETMISS data, in early 2018.

You must include a USI in your 2017 data for each non-exempt student enrolment record.

As the USI initiative is now in its third year, it is expected that every RTO’s 2017 total VET activity report will be fully compliant with USI requirements.

If you require further advice in relation to your USI reporting obligations, you can: