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Reminder—Unique Student Identifier

17 June 2015

The Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 require RTOs to have a valid unique student identifier (USI) for each student before issuing that student with a qualification or statement of attainment.

This can be done by:

  • either verifying a USI a student gives you, or
  • creating a USI on behalf of a student (with their permission).

To complete either of these actions, you will need to use the USI Registry System.

Some RTOs may be granted an exemption from this requirement under the National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy. If your RTO is not exempt, in accordance with the Standards for RTOs 2015, please ensure you have a verified USI for each student before issuing Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) certification documents for these students.

  • For more information, visit the USI website, which details RTOs' obligations under the legislation and explains how to connect with the USI registry system.