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Reminder to RTO CEOs: Complete your annual declaration on compliance

17 January 2017

The Standards for RTOs 2015 require each RTO to provide ASQA with an annual declaration on their RTO’s compliance with the Standards.

If you’re an RTO CEO, ASQA will notify you by email at the beginning of February of your obligation to complete this declaration. Please check your details on training.gov.au to ensure that ASQA has access to your current email address.

When you submit this declaration, you are confirming to ASQA that you:

  • systematically monitor your RTO’s compliance, and
  • implement preventive and corrective actions where considered necessary.

How do I complete the annual declaration form?

You will receive an email to your registered CEO email address (as listed on training.gov.au) containing a unique link to an online form. The form will be available from the beginning of February until the end of March. This allows each provider two months to undertake the self-assessment required to complete the declaration. You can save the online form and return to it any time before the end of March.

Will I receive a confirmation of submission?

You will have the option to print a copy of your declaration when you complete the form. Please keep a copy of your completed declaration for your records.

ASQA will also send a final reminder to the registered email address (as shown on training.gov.au) of provider CEOs who have not completed the declaration at the end of March. If you have completed the declaration, you will receive a short email from ASQA confirming this at this stage.

Why do I need to complete the annual declaration and how does ASQA use the information provided?

The annual declaration provides you with a chance to undertake a self-assessment of your RTO’s compliance with the Standards and to ensure that the information that ASQA holds about your RTO is correct. Self-assessment is a valuable proactive tool that allows RTOs to ensure that they are meeting the required Standards and to determine whether they need to amend or update aspects of their operation.

ASQA uses the information received through annual declarations to identify systemic risks to the quality of VET delivery and to ensure it holds correct information about each RTO’s operations.

What happens if I don’t complete the annual declaration?

Providing this information is a requirement of clause 8.4 of the Standards. If you do not submit the requested declaration, ASQA will take further regulatory action.