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Reminder—Printing invoices and receipts in ASQAnet

11 March 2014

Did you know that you can  print application-related invoices and receipts through ASQAnet?

Follow the instructions below to print invoices and receipts for applications relating to:

  • initial registration as an RTO
  • renewing registration an RTO
  • changing the scope of your RTO’s registration.

Printing an invoice or receipt after you submit an application

  • Log in to ASQAnet.
  • Click on the relevant application under the ‘Submitted applications’ tab to open the application.
  • Click either ‘Print Receipt’ or ‘Print Invoice’. This will open a new window containing the receipt/invoice. Your receipt/invoice can now be printed, or downloaded as a PDF.

Printing an invoice before you submit an application

  • Complete your application up to the ‘Submission’ stage.
  • Click ‘Finalise application’. This will open a new window containing the invoice, which can be printed or downloaded as a PDF.