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Reminder: data submission requirements

28 March 2017

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) would like to remind all registered training organisations (RTOs) of their obligations in relation to a range of important data collection processes that are currently in progress.

Each ASQA-registered RTO must meet mandatory annual data submission requirements, including:

  • submitting the annual declaration on compliance to ASQA
  • submitting Total VET Activity (TVA) data, and
  • ensuring TVA data includes reporting unique student identifier (USI) data.

(Noting some RTOs delivering particular courses and/or to particular learners may be exempt from some parts of these requirements)

Accurate and complete data is essential to the effective functioning of Australia’s VET sector and is an obligation for all RTOs under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.

If you have not already completed these submissions, please ensure you submit all required data in order to meet your requirements under the Standards and avoid potential regulatory action.


Reminder—Submit your annual declaration on compliance by 31 March

Have you submitted your annual declaration on compliance yet? The Standards for RTOs 2015 require each RTO to provide ASQA with an annual declaration on their RTO’s compliance with the Standards.

If you haven’t submitted your declaration, you should do so as soon as possible. An effective self-assessment can take some time to complete, and providing this information is a requirement of clause 8.4 of the Standards. Remember that if you do not submit the requested declaration, ASQA will take further regulatory action.

The annual declaration provides you with a chance to undertake a self-assessment of your RTO and to ensure that the information that ASQA holds about your RTO is correct. Self-assessment is a valuable proactive tool that allows RTOs to ensure that they are meeting the required Standards and to determine whether they need to amend or update aspects of their operation. It’s important to note that while some RTOs may choose to use consultancy services to assist with the self-assessment process, the declaration must be made by the CEO (please refer to ASQA’s recently published article on using external service providers to assist with declarations for more information).

ASQA contacted each RTO CEO with their unique link to the online declaration form in early February, and the window for submitting the declaration closes on 31 March 2017.

  • If your CEO did not receive their invite to complete the declaration form, please contact ASQA.

Submit your TVA data for 2016

All RTOs have an obligation to report to the VET national provider collection (that is, to complete AVETMISS reporting), unless fully exempted under national security considerations.

Unless an exemption applies, your RTO must report:

  • all VET student enrolment activity conducted in 2016 (including each learner’s USI where relevant), and
  • all award issuance activity conducted in 2016.

If you have not reported data through a state training authority or board of school studies, you must report directly to NCVER.

ASQA is aware that a number of RTOs have not yet provided TVA data to NCVER, despite the published deadline for direct submissions having now passed. However, as not all state training authorities and boards of school studies have yet reported to the national collection, the TVA reporting window remains open and accessible and all RTOs are urged to take the opportunity to report their data.

Once all state/territory agency reports have been submitted, ASQA will commence taking regulatory action against RTOs that have not reported their 2016 data.

ASQA does not grant extensions of time to report TVA data. It is your responsibility to ensure your 2016 TVA data is validated and submitted before NCVER closes the reporting window in coming weeks.

Reminder—ensure you report unique student identifiers (USIs) with your 2016 TVA data

When submitting your RTO’s TVA data, you must include a USI in your data for each non-exempt student enrolment record, in accordance with your obligation to obtain and submit full AVETMISS data as part of providing accurate and current information as required by the Data Provisions Requirements.

Your RTO should obtain and record a verified USI for every learner enrolment.

ASQA will be closely monitoring submission of USIs with 2016 TVA data. Where RTOs show concerning levels of non-compliance, further action will be taken, potentially resulting in a regulatory sanction.

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