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Recent changes to PRISMS

23 September 2014

In early July 2014 changes were made to the Provider Registration and International Students Management System (PRISMS) that now allows CRICOS providers to submit course cost changes in bulk.

ASQA will assess each submission and notify the provider if there are any issues. If there are no issues the changes will be approved and uploaded to each individual course and reflected on CRICOS.

Before July 2014 providers were required to complete an application signed by the Principal Executive Officer (PEO). This is no longer required, however, it is intended that only CoE Administrators, authorised by the PEO, will be able to enter and submit course cost changes in bulk on PRISMS.

Please note that ASQA will only action course costs changes in bulk for VET courses and non-award ELICOS courses (where the provider is regulated by ASQA).

For further details regarding the process please refer to the Provider User Guide, which is available on the PRISMS website, or email cricos.registration [at] asqa.gov.au.